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For the past decades in Rwanda and Africa in general, poor health has been a great setback in development as it has led to an increase in the death rates. Poor health has been in numerous ways with poor hygiene and feeding being part of the story and the government of Rwanda has been at the forefront in fighting against poor health standards, Hence Journey House Africa comes in to intervene through our projects that raise mitigation measures through HIV/AIDS prevention projects in collaboration with the local leadership and the line ministries. Our focus is also being put on nutritional programs to continue hastening the process of the reduction of malnutrition and stunting growth for mainly children below 5 years of age and lactating mothers within the vulnerable communities inline with the national nutritional program which was decentralized up to village level, we also continue to join hands with key partners to fight against tuberculosis, water borne diseases and the non communicable diseases (NCDS) through awareness campaigns, all these will help in uplifting the health standards of Rwandans. However to continue reducing the magnitude of health problems and diseases at stake, JHA believes other stake holders and non governmental organizations (NGOS) have to be part of this nobble cause thus our focus is being streamlined in a sustainable and comprehensive health care program in our areas of intervention.

Healthcare is part of Journey House Africa’s objectives with the main focus on: HIV/AIDS Prevention Journey house Africa is implementing HIV/AIDS programs through awareness and creation of a conducive environment for those who are HIV positive to reduce stigma in society and encourage them take medication to reduce the viral rods. Strengthening the hiv affected house holds through promotion of income generating activities and small animal keeping for example chicken rearing, rabbits, and pigs to improve their income and food nutrient intake for the patients and children. Tuberculosis (TB) Advocacy campaigns for communities to be tested on tuberculosis (TB) and encourage those with TB to get regular medication and treatment in government hospitals as well as health facilities near to them. Waterborne diseases Journey house Africa is fighting against water borne diseases through assisting vulnerable communities to access safe water and better hygiene practices such as educating communities on boiling drinking water, provision of water preservers and water tanks to ensure the availability of safe and clean water in house holds of vulnerable communities.