In Rwanda many house holds in vulnerable communities have had access to a number of programs that promote child protection but there is still so much to be done due to increasing child rights abuse mostly in the rural areas and townships outskirts.

The culture of Banyarwanda specifically talks about care for child as an important family value, but it does not talk about the rights of child and how the family should achieve them, which informs the development of Journey House Africa’s child protection program which focuses more on the reduction of child abuse in the community, child’s right to play, child role in the development of a community, child voice and many others.

Rwanda women take care of the children and in case of their absence or other factors such as parents separations children tend to suffer more and most of the time they are mistreated and their rights are abused which makes them run away from the homes to streets of near by towns within kigali.

However children rights are still being violated and more efforts need to be put to ensure child protection in Rwanda and Journey House Africa’s child protection program is geared towards ensuring the safety of children in Rwanda through initiatives such as advocacy for child protection in communities, use of village dialogues to educate community members about the negative consequences of parents separation to children, child abuse, child labor, educating house hold on better agricultural methods to ensure house hold food security and better food nutrient intake to children to fight malnutrition.

Through the cross culture learning program Rwandan students will be taught their culture and also other cultures around the world and also make them know how to al these cultures interrelate with each other.