Every world’s community has its own story and culture, in the same regard; Rwandans have their own story and culturally rich community, which mainly gives a number of life style studies.

Our Cross-Cultural exchange program focuses on the development of different societies due to knowledge sharing through dialogues, researches, experimental cultural learning and story telling. Journey House Africa, is looking at a comprehensive program development and implementation focusing on voluntourism (Volunteer and Tour) and cultural exchange where international members from the international community, institutions and universities come to Rwanda to learn the local lifestyle and an African Cultural-touch depending on the relevancy of their field of learning. Our students will have a chance to learn the local, Cultural cooking style language, norms and taboos, way of cooking, community setting, traditional dances and the way of dressing as well as visiting the flora and fauna in form of tourism and in the history of Rwanda.

Therefore, Journey House Africa creates this pertinent linkage with the partnership from the community to achieve best results and meet expectations of our visitors; we also believe that this is an important avenue of sharing knowledge and partnership development between Rwandan institutions, Communities and private sector

These exchange program volunteers will be hosted by journey house Africa and they will be doing these education program activities in the community area of its operations.

These Voluntourism cohorts live with local communities of Rwandans in the area of intervention under Journey house Africa organization and monitoring, participate on their day to day life style, cooking with local stoves, putting on local outfits (igitenge), collecting fire wood, speaking of Kinyarwanda sessions, fetching water, local Rwandan games, leaving a local Rwandan-African life style.