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Government of Rwanda has credibly supported the Education system and making sure that every child goes to school in Rwanda, though sending all children to school has not yet been fully achieved due to a number of factors some of which include: Vulnerable families cannot afford to buy school uniforms, paying minor school fees and other scholastic materials like pens, books, luck of access to the after school programs and many others.

Journey house Actions therefore comes up with the Education Program that’s meant to make sure that those who have not been able to benefit from the Governments Program of free public education due to the problems mentioned above can also go to school and those who have gone to school have access to after school programs through the following.

Putting up Early Child Development centers (ECD) in the selected sectors to prepare little children get ready for school, improve on their nutritious feeding, teaching them English language, Help them learn how to socialize with each other at a young age and increase the love of education at an earlier age, so as to reduce high school drop outs in the country.

We will also support through our scholarship programs children from the most vulnerable families that cannot send these children to school by buying them School Uniforms, Paying the minor fees for them and other scholastic materials. Through the JHA internship program a number of students will be connected to different organizations to help them practice what they theoretically acquired and develop their working skills and their work mates interrelations.

Through the cross culture learning program Rwandan students will be taught their culture and also other cultures around the world and also make them know how to al these cultures interrelate with each other.