With so much of the world affected by crises, disasters, social, economic problems, what can we do to improve stability, peace, and prosperity in some of the most fragile communities of our country and the world in general? And in emerging economies that are experiencing such rapid change, what support can we make to ensure that the lives and livelihoods of our community members continue to positively change and grow and integrate into the global system?

These are vital questions that NGOs, policy makers, and businesses across the world ask daily. But as Journey House Africa, we know the answer is “investing in people.”

There is no greater example of the critical importance of community participation than in our response to the community suffering in different aspects. This is exactly the kind of vital work that Journey House Africa does every day across the globe and Rwanda in particular. Investing in people at the local level, in partnership with government, civil society, and the private sector to help bring about peace, prosperity, and stability.

Bringing communities together to teach them how to interact and effect the change they need to take control of their own development. And other times it is laying the basics for a healthy society, through sanitation education, access to healthcare and improved nutrition.

Its form that note that I invite you to read about the work of Journey House Africa and how we bring together civil society, government, and the private sector at the local level, using innovative techniques to build community resilience. We hope this website will inspire you to join us in our mission in being Partners for Good.