I know me and you and our Journey House Africa team, one day one time talked about why a Kitchen garden (Akarima Kigikoni as we call it locally in Kinyarwanda) so many models have been developed in line with fighting malnutrition in the Rwandan community which has proven chronic in the last 20 years where numbers talk about more than 38% of the young ones below 5 years of age being the most affected this kitchen garden of stairs model, has proven a possibility to bring this to an end sustainably, the model below is not only organic but also uses a small piece of land to feed families. (we have tried it, we have assessed it) We are experts at the development of this garden, the founders are the inventors of this model, we love building as many as we can, come to build some with us, invite us to your communities that need it the most, and support us whenever you can advise us whenever you can. We are Journey House Africa we are a non-profit, join us in this good cause at (NB: WE BUILD THESE GARDENS FOR ONLY VULNERABLE COMMUNITIES FOR FREE).-info@journeyhouseafrica.org -william@journeyhouseafrica.org-rogers@journeyhouseafrica.org