JHA in Community Works.(umuganda)

Umuganda is Community Work in Rwanda that is compulsory to everyone in Rwanda and this paramount program has led to a number of positive impacts on different communities in Rwanda. Journey House Africa staff and volunteers joined the community of Karama Village for this month’s Umuganda. ...


A woman born blind but turned out to be one of the greatest authors.

Hellen Keller, a woman born blind but turned out to be one of the greatest authors who ever lived once said, “what is the purpose of being born with sight but without vision?”.At journey, we have the vision to serve and transform the lives in this community into the vibrant people they are meant to be as we work tirelessly with our partners, team, and friends to make this country and world at large a better place. ...


Kitchen garden of stairs model.

I know me and you and our Journey House Africa team, one day one time talked about why a Kitchen garden (Akarima Kigikoni as we call it locally in Kinyarwanda) so many models have been developed in line with fighting malnutrition in the Rwandan community which has proven chronic in the last 20 years where numbers talk about more than 38% of the young ones below 5 years of age being the most affected this kitchen garden of stairs model,...